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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We WON!!!!!

NH passed the Gay Marriage Bill today!!!! We are the 6th state to make it legal! I am so proud of us! Next year, I can finally marry the love of my life! The best part is that they will convert Civil Unions to Marriage for free!

The following is an excerpt from Governor Lynch's statement after he signed the bill into law today. I think it is very poignant and shows that he truly does serve the people of NH!

It is my hope, and my belief, that New Hampshire will again come together to embrace tolerance and respect, and to stand against discrimination.

That has how we in New Hampshire have always lived our lives and that is how we will continue as we move forward.

Most families in New Hampshire will awaken tomorrow, go to work and to school, and feel no impact from what we have accomplished today.

But for some, they will awaken tomorrow knowing we have said to them that they are equal, that they have the same rights to live and to love as everyone else.

Today is a day to celebrate in New Hampshire. Today should not be considered a victory for some and a loss for others.

Today is a victory for all the people of New Hampshire, who I believe, in our own independent way, want tolerance for all.

That is truly the New Hampshire way.


Michele said...

whether you agree with homosexuality or not, denying legal marriage to anyone is a violation of equal rights. in my opinion, marriage as a sacrament should be limited to religious rites. civil unions should be the legal addition offered to everyone. i dont see why the govt feels the need to stick their nose in everyone's love life! marriage is between 2 people who love each other. you cant regulate love.

i hope that one day we really are a place where everyone is treated equally across the board.

C.I.W. said...

OH MY GOSH!!! HOW EXCITING! and why in the world did I not know about this???

Isn't it interesting how it suddenly becomes a non issue-- and when that happens.. that is GOOD? I hope Wisconsin joins in on the fun!

Lisa said...

Your Gov' rocks!!! What a great statement, especially what is in bold. I wish others would take note of the first part that is written in bold because despite what people believe, gay marriage will not impact their lives. Horay for NH.

tireegal68 said...

NH rocks!!!
( jealous midwesterner!)

Anonymous said...

hooray for NH!
(jealous southerner)

Anonymous said...

I think this is absolutely awesome!!

2 Chicks 1 Hatchling said...

Congrats to NH! And to you! And to the rest of us here in CA that hope the momentum you are creating on the east coast will come back our way again. :) We are living in remarkle times for sure.

Anonymous said...