Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Week

We've been working, working, working this past week. The job actually hasn't been all that bad and we only have 3 or 4 days left, so that will be nice.

We're off to NY for a wedding this weekend - leaving straing from work tomorrow afternoon. Should be fun!

Next week the real vacation starts as we will head west to visit MJ's family - then her mom is riding back with us for another 10 days. We're looking forward to it.

We'll post more of an update on Sunday when we get back - the doggies are excited as they get to spend the weekend at the farm with my parents!


cindyhoo2 said...

All I have to do is mention "gran's house" in front of my minischnauzers and they get excited too! I hope you guys have a wonderful trip.

tireegal68 said...

wow - you gals are so busy and having such fun! You should run a summer camp in your spare time - except you need a vacation! I just caught up on what you have been doing recently. love the matching 4th of July t-shirts!

Butch Boo said...

Hope you had a great holiday!