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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Friday, August 29, 2008

We survived the first week . . . . barely!

Well, we survived our first week of school (or 3 days, should I say)! And a long 3 days it was. I tell ya' - kids these days are awful!!! No one makes them behave any more and they seem to think they can do whatever they want. Let me tell you, when we finally have kids, you better believe they will behave - especially in school. Kids just have no respect for adults anymore and a lot of the parents will bail their kids out of anything. Anyways, off my soapbox!

Well, MJ succeeded in making a kid cry today - TWICE!!!! It is always a good day when you can make a kid cry. She told him his work was not of fourth grade caliber and he was ANGRY!!! How dare she make him do his work to the best of his ability.

And for me, well let's see, I had the joy of a second grader banging her foot (in “clickety clack” shoes nonetheless) on a wooden floor for 20 minutes straight today because I wouldn’t let her color before she wrote. It probably didn’t help that, after repeated reminders to do the writing part first, I ripped the bottom part of her page off where the coloring part was so she COULDN’T draw! Anyways, some things never change and the kids at school are one of them.

Oh, but I do have a cute kid story from school this week! I was showing a first grade class where we would go for fire drills and lock downs when they are with me. Well, when there is a lock down, our safe zone is the back corner of the teachers room, which is adjacent to my room. Now, of course, when we go in there to practice, the kids think it is just the coolest thing that they get to see where the teachers eat lunch. Anyways, on this morning, there happened to be a tray of leftover, cold, breakfast sandwiches from the kitchen. As we were heading back into the room, one of the little boys grabs my arm and in all seriousness says "Hey, you know, an intruder just might break in to the school to get one of those sandwiches." To which I replied "Well, if they were hungry enough, I suppose they just might!" Oh, the imagination of kids!!!

So, hallelujah for a long weekend - we have lots to do. We are going to do the run to the wholesale club to stock the teacher's room with goodies, mow the lawn, clean the house, and most importantly, give the basement the ol' heave ho! Really, we have so much junk down there, it isn't even funny - so we are going to get it ready for a yard sale that we will have next weekend with Laura and Sue. The dogs have also let us know (due to their CRAZINESS) that they need to take a trip to their Nana and Grampa's to play for a while. Boy, what a difference in their craziness level now that we are back to work full time.

Well, that's all tonight, stay tuned tomorrow for some new Disney Pics - our CD came in the mail today!

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