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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Monday, April 26, 2010


Today's Facebook status:
4 years, 14 cycles, 11 IUI's, tens of thousands of dollars, countless needle sticks, 2 positives, 1 miscarriage - and we finally have a keeper!!! Introducing Cupid - coming to meet us in early November.

We had another OB appt today and had my full physical. She tried to hear the heartbeat with doppler, but couldn't so they snuck me in for an ultrasound. We weren't disappointed because it meant another look at Cupid. S/he was so wiggly and jiggly that the U/S tech had a hard time getting measurements. It was quite comical to watch actually. Heartbeat was in the 150s and measurements are all on track. It finally feels real and I finally can believe we are in this for the long haul. It's about damn time!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


*We had our first OB appt yesterday.  What we didn't know was all they were doing was paper work and drawing a bazillion vials of blood.  Nothing exciting.....I go back on Monday for my physical, pap, etc...

*Vacation is almost over - boo hoo - how come it always goes so fast???

*Did you notice the ticker on the side bar - it is below 200 now - 199 days - YAHOO!!!

*Our golden Sadie is definitely missing Willy - she is very out of sorts and will just sit and bark this really sad, high pitched bark.

*I threw my back out today and I'm quite uncomfortable - made a trip to the chiro and I'll go back again tomorrow.  OHHH, I hope this gets better soon.  She told me that she could already tell the the pregnancy has caused my ligaments to loosen.

*I saw a great rainbow on the way back from the chiro ended on the road right in front of me!

*We're almost to the point that we can announce our pregnancy to a wider audience - exciting!

Monday, April 19, 2010

We Will Miss You.....

We lost our fur baby Willy today. It has been a very long and hard day, but we know we made the right decision. The tumor in his abdomen was growing daily and we couldn't let him suffer. He was an amazing dog and we will miss him dearly. He is resting peacefully at my parents' farm now which was his favorite place in the world to go. RIP Willy October 14, 2002 - April 19, 2010...We'll miss you buddy..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Been Over a Week.......

We're here, really we are!  I know it's time to update the blog when my Mom mentions how long it's been since there was an update!

The good news:
     *Still feeling kind of yucky which confirms that Cupid is still growing inside - LOVE IT!!!
     *Our first OB appt is this week - YAY!!
     *We are on vacation  - HALLELUJAH!!!

The bad news:
     *We've had a pretty rough week this week - we brought our black lab Willy to the vet because he was sick.  We assumed that he was relapsing from a platelet issue he had last fall and also last spring.  It is usually a very easy fix - some antibiotic and prednis0ne and he is all better.   Not the case this time......He didn't get any better from Mon  - Thurs including not eating, losing 3 pounds in 3 days and being very, very weak.  When we took him back on Thurs the vet decided to keep him and do an x-ray as well.  We found out that this is NOT the same issue as last year and in fact there is a very high probability that he has cancer in his liver and spleen.  It was just devastating news.......I don't expect him to be with us much more than another week or so.  He is only 7 1/2 - too soon to let him go... We go back to the vet one more time on Monday to check things out, but we don't expect the news to be any better.  In the meantime, we are loving on him lots, fixing him special meals of rice and enjoying the last of the time we have with him.

Losing a pet sucks - big time........

So, that's the news from here..

Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Things......

The nausea that so abruptly left a couple of weeks ago has come back over the past few days.  So has the exhaustion - big time!

I made our first OB appt.  It is on the 21st and we are anxiously awaiting that. 

I'm not quite sure how to fill out all of the health history forms since we used donor sperm.  I mean we have medical history (sort of) but just what's on the long profile and assuming it's the truth.  How did you handle this?

The dog is sick again and goes to the vet on Monday morning.

MJ bought Cupid some really cute books at the school book fair this week.  She then read them to my belly that night.  I'm finally getting used to the idea that we are going to be blessed with a baby in the fall.

Pregnancy brain is in full effect.  I am constantly losing my train of thought mid sentence.  I am also great at going from upstairs to down (or vice versa) and forgetting what I went there for.  I also don't always make sense when I'm talking.  I often find myself just starting over!  Really.good.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010


After a terrible week and terrible fear of losing our baby we are finally at peace. Our appointment was PERFECT today! Baby measures 9W1D exactly which is what we are today. Heartbeat was 160 BPM and s/he was kicking its legs furiously and moving all around. It actually looked like a baby this time - we could clearly see the arms, legs, spine, etc. The doc spent a lot of time checking things out and she said everything looks perfect! She also said that although anything can happen at any time, she thinks that I've "made it over the hump."

We can hardly believe it! We were so convinced that someting was terribly wrong.  Our doc was so good and said that she would tell us right away if everything was OK and then do what she needed to in terms of the U/S.  When the baby came up on the screen you could immediately notice that it was bigger.  Then we heard the most wonderful words ever - "You have a great baby.  Look, there's the heart beating."

So, here is the latest pic of Cupid - needless to say we are totally in love!

So, of course, we are celebrating this evening........MJ with a Margarita, and me with a decaf iced tea!
I think today was honestly more exciting than finding out we were pregnant. 

I do believe a ticker may finally be in order for the sidebar!

Now begins the search for an OB.....

Thanks so much for all of your support - it means more than you know!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What's Going On....

In bullet form....

*We have had absolutely gorgeous weather since the middle of last week - it has been in the 70s and 80s which is WAY above normal!

*Just updated the photo blog - haven't done that in a couple of weeks!

*MJ had a friend that she hasn't seen in years come to visit yesterday.  It was a great day of conversation, meals, and a campfire to end the evening.

*I think Willy our black lab is sick again.  He has had a fever for the past few days now - luckily we have prednis0ne on hand.

*We had an enjoyable Eas.ter Dinner today with my family - we went out to eat.

*Tomorrow is the day for our U/S it is scheduled for 4PM and we are terrified of not seeing a heartbeat.  I still feel very strongly that something is just not right....

Thursday, April 1, 2010


So, my week has gone like this:

Monday- stabbing pains in lower abdomen, especially on the left side.  Nausea was TERRIBLE - I had a very bad day and felt just awful.

Tuesday - woke up and all symptoms were gone - no nausea at all, boobs not sore at all (and they had been killing me), food aversions seem to be totally gone

Wednesday - symptoms still gone and I didn't even need to get up at night to pee (which I have been doing 1 - 2 times EVERY night)

Today - still no symptoms.  Called the doc because of course, I am terrified.  She told me she thinks I'm fine because I haven't had any additional cramping and no bleeding at all (I reminded her that I had no bleeding or cramping last time either.)  She told me that often symptoms peak at 8 weeks and then start to drop off and again, she thinks I'm fine.

I'm convinced I've miscarried (something just doesn't seem right to me)

Is it really normal to completely lose all pregnancy symptoms this early?

What about the sharp, stabbing pains I had on Monday?

And, again, I had NO bleeding or cramping when I miscarried last year.

Help???  What are your experiences like this??? 

I am going crazy, really I am.......

We have an U/S scheduled for Monday at 3:45 and I have already prepared myself for no hearbeat........