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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok, so I have to share this small piece of exciting news - and no, I'm not pregnant! But this certainly comes in a close second!

For Christmas, we travel to visit MJ's family in Minnesota -it really is the only holiday that we get to spend with them, and it is a really enjoyable time for all! So, we've been looking for plane tickets for about 6 weeks now and the prices have been just outrageous. We're talking right around $450 - $500 a ticket - that would mean roughly $900 just to fly home. We were preparing for the worst and figured nothing could be worse than last year when we paid close to $1200 to get home for Christmas.

We have literally been looking for tickets EVERY DAY and hoping that they would fall around the $350 - $375 price per ticket. Well, today I found some for $359 a piece. I was very excited about the price, but the schedule wasn't the best. So, I headed to another website to check prices and WE GOT TICKETS FOR $480 TOTAL! THAT IS ONLY $240 APIECE!!!! We got both tickets for what one ticket was going for just yesterday!

We are so excited!!! Now we'll have more money for the annual Casino trip!

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Lisa said...

That is super exciting. I had the same experience over the weekend. The tickets to fly to Florida for our cruise in January were averaging about $350 each. Well the other day we got both of them for $316 TOTAL on airtran. It felt like Christmas. It feels great to score a great deal. Have fun on your trip.