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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

All Good Things Must Come to an End

AHHHH, Summer Vacation has once again come to an end. The 10 weeks of bliss that we had off are now a thing of the past! We've had a great summer once again. Tomorrow we go back to work - Monday and Tuesday are our invigorating (haha) staff meetings, keynote speakers, and teacher workshops. Kids come on Wednesday for the long awaited first day of school.

Yesterday we baked 8 dozen cupcakes to bring in for the staff tomorrow and we'll decorate them later today. We are also going out to lunch with Mom and Dad and our friend Becky today to celebrate Becky's birthday. Of course there is laundry to do and lunches to pack as well. Gotta get back into that routine, you know!

Tomorrow night we get to go see Mel.issa Ether.idge which will be really fun. I'm looking forward to our free skyb0x seats as well! We'll be tired Tuesday morning, but it will be well worth it!

That's all from around here - nothing too exciting...


Belle said...

We had our keynote speakers and workshops a couple weeks ago, first week with the kids last week. It's gonna go fast, so be prepared :)

Have fun at the concert! Vee went a few years ago and STILL talks about it :)

tireegal68 said...

Sounds like you will be busy bees again - although your vacation sounded busy too! Enjoy your last day and - OMG!! Eight dozen cupcakes?!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

how is it possible that summer is over already!? i feel like i was just reading your post about the start of the summer vacation!

ya'll are awesome to bring in cupcakes for everyone - i wish i had co-workers like you! :)

enjoy the concert, what a great way to cap off the summer!

Margo said...

Nothing too exciting? Are you kidding - first week of school AND Melissa.
It all sound very exciting to me.

We see the first of week of school from a different perspective as we are the parents sending our children to you.

Do you ever meet the beginning of the year with a sense of dread?