Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pregnancy (and other) Stuff

*Had my 1 hour glucose test yesterday (they did it early due to a history of high blood pressure) and "passed with flying colors" - YAY!!!

*The first person came up and touched my belly today - it was my Assistant Principal and she was so cute.  She said "Look at you, you're starting to show - how exciting."  It is so nice to have support at work!

*Took a new belly pick yesterday, but I looked awful - we'll try again this weekend.

*Getting close to the halfway point - UNBELIEVABLE!

*Our radishes sprouted today - so exciting!  We are loving our little garden.

*We are stealing Olivia for the weekend and taking her on an Adventure that includes camping, a Fancy Luncheon and a trip to the Er.ic Car.le Museum.

*I made banana bread tonight and as I was putting the pan in the oven the whole thing tipped over and spilled ALL over the oven door.  What a mess - MJ was a saint and cleaned it all up for me.  But, no banana bread....

*Only 13 1/2 more days of school - hallelujah!


anofferingoflove said...

the banana bread incident made me laugh (i know it wasnt funny to you at the time, but it totally sounds like something i would do!)

congrats on passing the glucose test! and on the belly rub - isnt it the most surreal thing?!

BMX photo said...

congrats for the baby ^^!

Yumna said...

congrtz dude.....!! for ur baby...!!!

Jess. said...

horray on starting to show and passing the glucose test. :) congratulations.