Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Week

We have survived our first week at home with our little man.  We are so smitten with him and in many ways it seems like we have had him with us for more than just  a week.  We can't believe how much he changes each and every day.  He is already growing and changing to quickly for our liking.

Breastfeeding got off to a rocky start, but thanks to a wonderful visiting nurse who came to the house on Tuesday, he is now feeding like a champ!  It was great to have her come and spend time with us and give us some tips and tricks for feeding Drew.  He is eating every three hours and I am pumping with every other feed as well to make sure my supply is good.  In addition to feeding him, I have also been able to freeze 5 oz of milk a day.

MJ has to go back to work tomorrow and we are all very sad about that.  Luckily she only has to work this week and Monday of next week and then she has the rest of Thanksgiving week off.  She already told Drew that he couldn't do anything cute while she was gone and that he couldn't grow any more either.  We will both be anxiously awaiting her return tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, we need to share a couple of pics as well:

We can't believe we are lucky enough to be his Mom and Mama!!!


-C- said...

So happy to see you so happy.

-C- said...
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Anonymous said...

Even in the last picture you can see how he's grown in a week. It never ceases to amaze me. You're so blessed.