Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Drew -

You are four months old today.  You have grown and changed so much in the last month.  We are astonished by the new skills you learn each and every day.  You just keep getting bigger and bigger as well as stronger and stronger.  We can't believe how quickly this first four months has gone!

You continue to talk all of the time.  We have the absolute best conversations with you!  You have figured out that you can squeal and also grunt.  You love those noises and enjoy sharing them with everyone around you. 

This month you have really started playing with toys. You love rattles and bright colored toys.  You will reach for them deliberately and hang on to them for long periods of time.  There are a few toys that you can "work" yourself now.  You still love music as well.

Everything heads directly to your mouth now.  From your entire fist, to a few fingers, to whatever toy you are currently playing with - all of it goes right to your mouth.  You have gained a lot of coordination and can get things to your mouth with ease.  You also drool constantly and we had to buy stock in bibs as you easily go through a half dozen each day.

You are now strong enough to sit in your seat and you really like it.  You can satisfy your curiosity when you are in it because you are sitting up straight and you can see everything going on around you.  You also like that we can put toys on a tray and you can reach them all by yourself.

This month you took your second plane ride and went to Florida with us and your Nana.  We had such a great time.  You really enjoyed being outside - this was your first experience with being out for long periods of time because it is so cold in NH.  You met your aunts, uncles and cousins on Mama's side.  Once again you were a great traveler and you didn't mind being passed around from person to person at all.  In fact, you were a little charmer!

You love anything with stripes on it.  You will stare at your arms when your clothes have stripes on them.  You have also noticed the border in your bedroom and you love to look at it as well.

We have continued your bedtime routine and you thrive on it.  By 8 each night you are READY to go to bed.  We moved you into your crib this month and you made the transition like a super star.  You really like being in your bed and having lots of space - you were just getting too big for your bassinet!  You are asleep by 8:30 and sleep until at least 4 AM, but most nights you go straight through until 6AM.  We have to get up a few times a plug your paci back in, but we are so proud of what a good sleeper you are!

Mama had to go back to work this month, and you have made a seamless transition to day care.  You spend your days with Mama's cousin Lisa and you already love to go there!  Mama misses you tons during the day, but it is so nice to know that you are so well taken care of.  It is also great for you to have interaction with the other kids who are there.

You wore 0-3 month clothes for most of the month and we moved you to 3 -6 month clothes the last week of the month.  You still wear Size 2 diapers. At your four month pediatricians appointment, you weighed 13 pounds 8 ounces and were 27 inches long. You are in the 99th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight.

You are utterly amazing, our Little Man.  We are so very blessed to have you in our lives!

With all our love,

Mom and Mama

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