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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eleven Months

Drew -
You are ELEVEN months old today.  Just one month away from being a year old.  It is so crazy how quickly this first year has flown by and I can't believe we are starting to plan your first birthday party.

You have settled very nicely back into the daycare routine now that Mom and Mama have returned to work. You LOVE playing with the kids there and you have decided that you would much rather play with the big boys and all of their toys instead of the baby toys.  Most mornings we drop you off and put you on the floor and off you crawl into the living room to play.  Of course, Sydney and Camden are usually crawling with you, and it is just too cute!

You continue to crawl like a pro and man, oh man, you are fast!  You can get anywhere that you want to now!  You pull up and cruise with ease and you have even stood on your own for a few seconds here and there.  You have also mastered hanging on with one hand and looking all around.  We are also amazed at your motor skills and how coordinated you are.  You will be walking before we know it!
You are so curious and you don't miss a thing.  You notice a new item in a room, something hanging on a wall, flags, lights, and so on.  You also love to point and say "ooohhhh, ooohhhh, ooohhhh" over and over again.  We often comment that you are too smart for your own good!  You are so very aware of the world around you.

You love to play with lots of different toys, especially anything that has wheels.  You love to push trucks across the floor and get just as much enjoyment out of flipping them over and spinning the wheels on them.  We put away most of your "baby" toys because you prefer the big stuff. 

You LOVE to be outside.  You really enjoy going for walks in your wagon and looking all around.  The wind blowing through the trees always fascinates you.  You love crawling around on the ground and you certainly are not afraid to get dirty.  You continue to love to go to Nana and Opa's farm where you can see all of the animals and ride on the tractor.  Your Nana and Opa have taught you how to raise and lower th bucket and you love doing that. We love that you enjoy the outdoors so much!

This month you went Apple Picking and on a Hayride for the first time.  You especially loved the hayride because there was a tractor pulling us.  Eating apples was lots of fun too while we were picking them.  You made such a mess, but had so much fun.  The first time we went, Olivia came with us and you went another time with just Mom and Mama.  You loved crawling around in the pumpkin patch too.

You picked your first pumpkin this month at Nana and Opa's.  They grow pumpkins every year for the kids that visit.  You, of course, got first pick.  You loved banging on all of the pumpkins and picking out which one you wanted. 

You love to be read to!  You will deliberately pick certain books and you already have your favorites.  Your absolute favorite is Curious Kitties.  You also like Scary, Scary Crocodile, Color Train, The Barnyard Dance and your Peek-a-boo books.  We hope that you will continue to love being read to for a long, long time.

You said your first words this month as well!  Your very first word was "kitty".  You also say "Opa" and "wheeee".  We think you are very close to saying "Mom/Mama" and we are pretty sure we have heard it a few times, especially when you are tired.

You had your first illness that required a Doctor's visit this month.  You had conjunctivitis and a cold.  It is pretty amazing that this is the first time we had to take you to the Doctor's!   As usual, you bounced back quite quickly and Mama got to spend 2 days at home with you which was great!

You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes now, but your pants are 9 months and you are still in size 3 diapers.  You weigh 19 1/2 pounds and you are still very long and lean.  Your looks change all of the time and you really are a toddler now.  It is amazing how you seem to grow overnight sometimes.

We are looking forward to all of the fun Fall activities that we will get to enjoy with you this year.  You bring smiles and laughter and joy into our lives every minute of every day.  We are so lucky to be your Moms and we can't imagine our lives without you.

With All Our Love,

Mom and Mama

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tireegal68 said...

Wow! Amazing isn't it? Drew sounds like such a fun little boy and you are going to have so much fun during the upcoming holidays celebrating with him and watching him take it all in. Funny that his first word was kitty! Isobel does say mama, but her first other word was cat!!