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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Children's Museum

We had a wonderful weekend last weekend!  Olivia, who Drew now calls "Oweeeee" came to visit for the weekend and it was a great time.  We decided to go to the Children's Museum - it was Drew's first trip.  He had an absolute blast!  We ended up buying a membership and I can only imagine the use we will get out of it!

Now that we are spending more and more time in public places with other children I am amazed at the sheer LACK of parent involvement that we see.  I can't believe the number of parents sitting back, letting their kids run wild while the parent talks on the phone, texts, or reads a book.  Come on people - kids need to be parented!  Besides, they are missing out on the moments in their kids' lives that they can never get back. my soapbox for now! 

As you can see from the pics below, we had an absolutely amazing time!  We can't wait to return.

Oh, and one other thing - Little Man has finally decided that walking is for him and he now walks all the time - everywhere!  He has been this way with every milestone - technically a little behind the books, but once he decided to take off - there is no turning back.  That's why we love our little independent soul! 
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tireegal68 said...

What fun!!! Good to see you back on the blog! OMG you are so right about other peoples parenting!!! Scary!!!
We have a lot of play dates with very nice involves mamas and babies so we don't encounter this very often but a friend and I took our kiddos to a cafe / play place that was full of mamas ignoring their kids and talking to each other. There were at least two boys who were bullying one of Isobel's boyfriends and pushing him and no one said anything. Two little princesses tried to boss Isobel around and then another of the bully boys tried to come into the baby section and steal something Isobel was playing with. I told him off and his delinquent mother came over to talk to him, but ignored me. Ugh! Welcome to the not fun part of parenting - other kids' parents!!!!