Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Big Brother

Since all of the attention has been on the new baby as of late, I want to take a moment and give the Big Brother his own blog post!  Drew has adjusted amazingly well to having a baby in the house.  Other than the fact that he has decided that it is time to boycott napping, the transition really has gone incredibly smoothly.  He absolutely loves his role as big brother and is already VERY protective of HIS baby.  It is amazing to see the bond that Drew has with Jack already and I can only hope that it continues to be strong as they grow up.

Some snippets of some of the fun things Drew has said and done in his new big brother role:

**When Jack was first born he saw the umbilical cord and asked about it - I reminded him that it was how babies are "hooked" to their Mamas so that they can live inside their tummy.  For days, Drew kept asking if Jacks hook had fallen off yet.  It was too cute!

**Drew was quite upset that we didn't choose Namey for the baby's name.  He still brings it up now and again that Peanut should be called Namey.

**He still calls him Peanut and it is the cutest thing ever.

**Whenever Jack is crying he immediately goes over and tries to soothe him.  He will pat him and say "There, there" which is interesting because that isn't anything that MJ and I do to soothe him.  Drew will also sing to Jack and even gives him one of his own prized blankies to try to make him stop crying.

**The other night, Drew decided it would be a good idea to sing Jack a lullaby to calm him down.  When Jack continued to cry Drew said to me, "He is not being a very good listener."  Can you tell this is something we have been working on with Drew?  He then proceeded to sing VERY loud so that maybe Jack would be a better listener.

I could go on and on with stories, but suffice it to say that we are thrilled with our two boys and we are so excited to see how their relationship will grow and strengthen as they get older.

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tireegal68 said...

This is just SO precious!!! Where did he get the idea to call the baby Namey? Hilarious!!!