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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Saturday, November 23, 2013



You are three months old.  One quarter of your first year has flown by already.  We had a MUCH better month this month than your first two!  You are finally feeling better and because of that you are a much happier baby.

This month was spent getting you feeling better.  After two trips and three phone calls to your pediatrician and a visit to a pediatric gastroenterologist we finally have you in a good place.  You have reflux as well as a milk/soy protein intolerance.  That means that you take medicine three times a day and Mama has to avoid eating anything with dairy, soy, nuts or eggs.  We think this has been the trick though as you are no longer screaming, sweating through your clothes, gulping when you eat and being just plain miserable.

This month you have been full of smiles and coos.  It has been so nice to interact with our happy baby.  You flash your smile to anyone who will make of you and it melts our hearts every time we see it.  You have really started "talking" a lot too and boy do you have lots of stories to tell.

You have really started to take an interest in toys and you are beginning to be able to hold on to them.  Of course, everything goes right for your mouth and you have mastered getting your fingers/fist right to your mouth when you want to.  You love to be over someone's shoulder so you can suck on your fist.

You have also started sleeping much better this month.  You generally are asleep for the night by 10 and sleep until 5:30.  This has been made so much better now that you have medicine for your reflux.  There are a number of nights that you fall asleep by 8 and we "dream feed" you at 10 and then you are out for the night!

You celebrated your first Halloween this month.  Your brother was a pirate and you dressed as his parrot.  The two of you were very cute together!  We enjoyed a storybook hayride and went trick or treating at Nana's office.  We can't wait until you can run around next year for Trick or Treat!

This month you also went to daycare as Mama's maternity leave was up.  You have made the transition as smoothly as we could have hoped for.  Lisa takes such good care of both of you and we are so happy that you are with her while we have to work.

You wore 3-6 month clothing and size 2 diapers for the entire month.  We know you grew at least an inch and you are still around 13 pounds. 

You are an amazing little boy and we can't wait to celebrate the holidays with you!

All our love,
Mom and Mama

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