Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beta #2

Yesterday, I had Beta #2 and it rose to 400 - YIPEE!!! That was just awesome! On the not so awesome front, my progesterone dropped to 9. So, the doc put me on a supplement to see if that will increase it. I go back for another beta and progesterone check on Monday and if the progesterone is still low, I will up the dose to twice daily. Keep everything crossed that this does the trick! We were ecstatic with the beta though - we would have been happy with 200 and it was 400 - the doc was very happy with that too!

This weekend, we are just going to hang around the house and get our scrapbook pages and quilt blocks done for our clubs next weekend. I am looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing!

Have a great weekend!


C.I.W. said...


Lisa said...

That's great.

Anonymous said...

Great beta!

tireegal68 said...

great beta and I hope the progesterone suppositories do the trick:)
happy whole lotta nothing doing!

R said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! The supplements will make your prog right as rain!

We are right behind you - got our first beta yesterday and go for our second on Monday!!


Anonymous said...

GREAT results!! :)

Anonymous said...

that's an awesome rise!!! congrats on the great number!

hope the supplements do the trick, keep us posted!

Gia said...

That's awesome!!!!!

Anonymous said...