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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kids Make You Laugh!

This week has been a funny week with the kids at school. I just have to share some of the funny things they have said this week. Those of you who are teachers or who have young children will especially appreciate this!

Child #1 - Kindergarten Boy - we'll call him Joey

Joey: "Guess what, guess what?"

Me: "What?"

Joey: "I went up North, but I didn't see Santa, I only saw my Uncle."

Me: "Well, you have to go way, way, way up North to be able to see Santa."

Kindergartener #2: "Nooooooo, you can't see Santa now, he's sleeping."

Jeez - I should have known that!

Child #2 - Third Grader - we'll call him John

Scenario: I help out in the office of school at the end of the day answering phones, calling busses, or just plain dealing with the general craziness of the end of the day. John came in and told us he didn't know how he was getting home and his sister left without him. We try to call home, but of course he informs us that his mom turns the ringer off on the phone - and of course we couldn't get ahold of anyone, so we are looking at his emergency form to try to figure out who we might be able to call.

Me: "Is your grandmother's name Sally?"

John: "No, it's Grammie"

Reading Teacher to me: "DUH!"

Me: "Is there anyone else who lives near you that we can call and maybe they can go and get your mom?"

John: "Oh, yeah - you know that little kid Billy, the one with the black snowpants?"

Ummm, yeah - a school with almost four hundred kids - of course I know Billy with the black snow pants.

Child #3 - First Grade Boy - We'll call him Adam

During Science yesterday, we were doing a bunch of "exercises" to talk about your body using energy. I had them running and doing jumping jacks and then feeling their heart.

Adam: "WOW, after all that running, my heart is really BEEPing!"

Times like these are what really makes my job fun!


KLo said...

Yup, you couldn't pay me enough to leave it : )

anofferingoflove said...

those are cute moments!