Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bathroom Redo

While MJ's mom was here , she took on the daunting task of painting our bathroom. We have wanted to do it for a long time, however it is a pain in the you know what. The biggest problem is that we have a border of ivy leaves at the top and you have to take a small brush and painstakingly paint around each and every leave. Well, MJ's mom was a saint and she did just that!

We LOVE the way it came out. We painted, put up a new "hotel" shower bar, and put up a new corner shelf thing in the tub. It is so fresh and clean! Here are some before and after pics:

Oh, and BTW - this is our 200th post! Guess we've had a lot to say over the past year and a half!
TTC is chugging along - had blood work yesterday, go back again Monday for more. My body is reacting just like it always does - slow and steady - we'll take it!


Anonymous said...

Nice work on the bathroom!

Sending a boatload of baby dust your way. BFP! BFP!

Michele said...

Looks awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

whoa, MJs mom is a saint indeed! the bathroom looks amazing!

congrats on your 200th post! lets celebrate with a bfp! ;)

livieandhermommies said...

LOVE the new bathroom!! Can we hire mom for her next visit????

cindyhoo2 said...

Looks lovely! I agree 200th post celebration goes best with a bfp!