Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Frolic Crop

On Saturday we had tons of fun with our friends Laura and Sue at a 12 hour "Fall Frolic" crop. It was 12 uninterrupted hours of nonstop scrapbooking! We got ourselves all packed up - you need a lot of stuff when you are scrapbooking for that long!

When we arrived, there was a cute little goodie bag with a candy bar, pretzles, and bottle of water for us:

Here we are taking break for a quick pic:

Here is Laura and Sue:

A couple more pics of us working away and our table:

We had so much fun and accomplished A LOT!!! MJ and I got 18 pages done each - that really put a huge dent in our album making! This store has also started giving a 20% discount to teachers, so that was a bonus for the day as well! While we were there, we also signed up for "Crop instead of Shop" which is another crop being held on Bla,ck! We are already looking forward to that!

I'll take a few pics of our favorite layouts that we completed and post them in a couple of days!

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Lisa said...

I went to an all day scrapbook event and it was so much fun. I love that you and MJ have simliar interests and can do some of these fun things together.