Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Thursday, April 22, 2010


*We had our first OB appt yesterday.  What we didn't know was all they were doing was paper work and drawing a bazillion vials of blood.  Nothing exciting.....I go back on Monday for my physical, pap, etc...

*Vacation is almost over - boo hoo - how come it always goes so fast???

*Did you notice the ticker on the side bar - it is below 200 now - 199 days - YAHOO!!!

*Our golden Sadie is definitely missing Willy - she is very out of sorts and will just sit and bark this really sad, high pitched bark.

*I threw my back out today and I'm quite uncomfortable - made a trip to the chiro and I'll go back again tomorrow.  OHHH, I hope this gets better soon.  She told me that she could already tell the the pregnancy has caused my ligaments to loosen.

*I saw a great rainbow on the way back from the chiro ended on the road right in front of me!

*We're almost to the point that we can announce our pregnancy to a wider audience - exciting!


anofferingoflove said...

hurray for "nothing exciting" OB appointments! how wonderful! :D

Unknown said...

Glad things are going well (and "not exciting" is well :-)). Also, I'm so sorry to hear about Willy ... I have a black lab, and dogs are just like family. I'm thinking of y'all :-(

Also, I gave you a blog award.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like all is well in babyland.

Thinking of you and your family as you grieve Willy.