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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Ocean Trip

We made our first trip to the ocean on Thursday and it was tons of fun.  We decided to go to a place in Maine that has a wonderful paved walking path all along the shore.  We figured that Little Man wouldn't really care too much for the sand and cold, salty water.

 We had a beautiful walk and enjoyed taking some pics:

Then we arrived at a spot that had a staircase down to the beach.  We decided to park the stroller and dip Drew's toes in.  You can't go to the beach and not dip your piggy toes!  We didn't even bother with a swim diaper or his swim suite because we didn't figure he'd get that wet.

Let's just say we were wrong....we should have put the swim suit on because he LOVED the water.

He played, and played and had absolutely no fear.  When the waves would start coming closer, he would squeal and shriek.  He crawled around and the water would lap around his arms and legs and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

He ended up "playing" with three other kids and they dug him a small hole to sit in, blew bubbles with him, and gave him a truck to play with.
We ended up  spending a half hour on the beach with him.  It was so much fun!
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Linnette said...

Makes me smile to see how happy you ALL are!