Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Drew -

You are ONE year old!  It is incredible to think that one year ago we held this tiny bundle in our arms and now you have grown into this incredible little human being.  Your energy is endless and you bring smiles and laughs into our lives each and every day.  We wouldn't know what to do without you in our lives.

You continue to be obsessed with all things that have wheels.  Trucks, tractors, and cars are clearly your favorite toys.  You love to crawl with them and zoom all around the house.  You make the cutest "car noises" when you play with them.  You also love to just sit and spin the wheels around.  You are definitely all boy when it comes to playing with your cars and trucks.

You have started talking more and more.  You certainly jibber jabber all the time, but you have some words that you say as well.  You say kitty, Opa, Boo Boo (Nana and Opa's dog's name), tractor, WOW!, uh oh, wheeeee and chick.  We are amazed at how your language develops and you learn new words all of the time.

You are such an outdoors boy.  You love to play outside and you don't mind getting dirty.  You love to play in the dirt and crawl all over the grass.  You had lots of fun playing in a pile of leaves that your Nana made for you.  You especially love playing outside at your Nana and Opa's farm and you have no fear of the animals in the barnyard.  You also love to slide and you say wheeee when you go down the slide.

You are very independent and you like to do things on your own.  You certainly let us know when you don't like something and sometimes your personality can be as firey as your hair!  You definitely keep us on our toes!

You had your first real sickness this month and you had croup.  Boy, oh boy, was that miserable.  You were sick for 6 days and barely ate anything.  Your cough was just terrible and we kept you really close by because it was quite scary.  You bounced back just fine though and now we'd never know you were sick.

You continue to be a fantastic eater.  Some days we have no idea where you put all of your food.  We are amazed at the amount you can eat!  We also transitioned you to cow's milk at the end of this month and you made that transistion just fine.

You celebrated your first Halloween this year and you dressed up like a lion.  You were so cute!  We took you to your Nana and Opa's and you said "trick or treat" to them.  You loved dressing up and you thought you were a kitty!  We got some great pictures of you in your costume.

We also enjoyed a nice outing at an apple orchard with Pride Parents of NH.  It was great to go and have fun with a bunch of other kids who have two Moms just like you!  We picked apples, went on a hayride, and played on the playground.  You really loved the bounce house and Mom had to climb inside to get you!

We are amazed at the skills you learn each and every day.  You grow so quickly and your skills develop at such an amazing pace!  You are very coordinated and we can't believe your ability to stack blocks, push buttons on toys, and spin wheels on cars.  We can't wait to see what you learn to do next.

You are very close to walking but you haven't taken your first steps yet.  You spend some time standing on your own and you like to push things and walk behind them.  We think you are perfectly happy to just crawl and you will walk when you decide you are good and ready.

You are wearing 12 month clothes now, but your pants are 9 months and you are still in size 3 diapers. You weigh 20 pounds and you are still very long and lean. Your looks change all of the time and you really are a toddler now. It is amazing how you seem to grow overnight sometimes.

Your curiosity continues to amaze us.  You are all about figuring out how things work.  You are very independent and you have a happiness that is contagious!  You bring an amazing amount of joy into our lives and we look forward to what the next year will bring!

With all our Love,

Mom and Mama

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