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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nat.ional Day

Last weekend, we went with our friends Laura and Sue, and another friend from work to an all day crop for Nat.ional Day. Yes, it is true, there really is a Nat.ional Day - it is always the first weekend in May. We had such an awesome time! We were there and set up to work by 9 AM and we didn't leave until just before 8PM! The crop went until 9PM, but we had over an hour drive home and had to work the next day. Here is our table - as you can see, we were all working away!

Everyone got one of these cute little bags with some munchies in it. We also got a reusable bag with ribbon, markers, scrapbooking paper, and a kit of some sort (everyone got a different one). Plus they had raffles all day - we one one! They also let you run a tab and then took 25% off your entire purchase.

They fed us breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of the food was really yummy! At the end of the day, they brought out this fabulous cake which was so well done! Around the brim of the hat it said: Scrapbook Island - National Scrapbook Day. It was yummy too!

We can't wait until they have another event like this - it was so much fun, and we accomplished a ton!

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Anonymous said...

what a fun day! how about some pics of the completed pages? :D