Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Evening Cocktail

So, I came home today to a huge box waiting for me. In it was a whole bunch of treats - medication treats, that is! Just in time to get the evening cocktail ready. This will get me through the rest of my cycle with a bit left over. I am thinking positively and saying that I won't need the extras because I will finally be pregnant!

It amazes me when I open up these boxes and think about how fortunate we are that my insurance covers my meds. The picture above contains $1800 - yes that is one THOUSAND eight hundred dollars worth of meds. It cost me $3 - yep, three whole dollars. We are so lucky!

So, the evening cocktail (no alcohol involved) involves the following:

One of these little shots - costs $170 - and that is if I only use one vial - it will double in the next week or so when I up my dose. All of this to make a baby!

Side effects haven't been to bad yet - I'll have more of an update after my appointments on Friday!



luckyduck said...

My FX for you that that oh so yummy cocktail works for you! Baby dust your way!!!

S. said...

woohoo!! look at all those baby-makin' drugs!! sending lots of positive thoughts your way!