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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Treats

As most of you know, MJ and I are both teachers. We work together in a school of about 80 staff members and I also work in another school on Friday that has about 20 staff. MJ has 18 students as well, do the math there and you get 118 people. Then add on the fact that my mother has about 20 people who work in her department and 5 really cute kids in the neighborhood. Grand total of all of these people is 143! That's a lot of people!

Well, yesterday we (mom, MJ, and I) spent the day making wonderful little Halloween treats for all of these people. It started with making cute Halloween candies for everyone to have. Now, we would have been a bit ahead of the game had Willy the dog not eaten 6 pounds of previously made candies (see previous post). So, we had to start over with the candy making. We made a bunch of different molds - here are a couple of them:

Now, with all of this candy, you have to have a fun package to put it all in. So, the picture below is what we made for the candies - they are in a small bag inside of this. I think they came out pretty well! We made 145 of these things in about 6 hours!

We had lots of fun making them and it is great to see the smile that they bring to peoples faces!

Now, today we have to make our Halloween costumes for next week. MJ is going to be the Tin Man as her team is dressing up as the Wizard of Oz. I am going to be a ketchup bottle, as the school that I work at has "vocabulary" parade - so I am going as a condiment!


Lisa said...

Those look awesome and delicious.

FULLER4 said...

How cute!! And very creative...ah, dude, I don't think dogs should eat 6 pounds of sugar though...HAHA