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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our New Toy

We went out and bought ourselves a new toy this weekend. What started out as a trip to see Marley and Me in the theater ended in a trip to Best Buy. You see, in our neck of the woods - it has been FREEZING COLD!!!! I guess everyone had the fabulous idea to go to the movies on the freezing cold day. So, when MJ tried to buy tickets as I searched for a parking place, we were sadly disappointed to find out that the tickets were sold out.

We needed something else to do, so why not keep warm inside of Best Buy. We ended up coming home with a 47 inch flat screen TV. WE LOVE IT!!! We immediately came home and played Mario Kart on it which was awesome.

All day Sunday we rewatched Season Five of The L Word in anticipation of the Season Premiere of Season Six on Sunday night. We watched a little football too. It is amazing how life-like everything is on a screen that big!

Here is Gus admiring our new toy...


A said...

Congrats on the new TV!! It is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

yeah, that TV is WAY better than "Marley & Me." im very jealous. im waiting for our 12+year old TV to die so i can get a flat screen. i think it lives on just to spite me.

i did a L Word marathon too. i was kinda disappointed by the premiere. more Jenny than ever :(

Lisa said...

Movie tickets, new tv...yep, I'd go with the new tv. It's so nice. Looks like your cat is enjoying it as well. I wasn't all that thrilled with the season opening of the L Word either. And Jenny being in love with Shane? Where the hell did that come from? Feels a little random to me.

Anonymous said...

I just got a 46" and I don't know how I ever lived without it!