Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Moving Right Along

I went to the doctor yesterday and things are progressing nicely. I had a 17mm follicle on the left and an 11mm on the right . My lining was 9mm which is great! My estrogen level was 126, so that needs to rise a bit. I go for bloodwork again tomorrow - UUGGHH early on a Sunday morning. We'll see what the levels say tomorrow and I may possibly trigger tomorrow night. I ordered the sperm and they will be here for Tuesday morning. I will have the IUI either Tues or Wed depending on the bloodwork results!

We start our next round of Foster Parent training on Wednesday night. It will be a bit crazy as we will have 5 training sessions in 2 1/2 weeks. As soon as we go to the session on Wednesday, we can call and start the homestudy process.

We had fun today on our First Saturday Clubs. We went to our scrapbooking club and then to get our new quilt square kits. We ran a bunch of errands as well and had lots of fun at A.C buying scrapbooking stuff. To make things even better, the weather here was BEAUTIFUL today - 55 degrees! It is supposed to be warm tomorrow too - it is doing a great job melting the snow.

Please spring, come soon!


tireegal68 said...

wow - when you get busy, you really get busy!!! You are covering all your bases in this fertility / fostering frenzy! great job - keep it up! I am impressed by your focus and your ability to have fun in between all the serious stuff!

Anonymous said...

i am so excited for ya'll! congrats on the nice sized follicle, i'll be rooting for you this week!