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Saturday, August 8, 2009

TTC Update - need some advice

First things first - go over to And Baby Makes Three and congratulate Lisa and Danielle who FINALLY got their BFP after 17 tries!

Well, here we are - our first cycle after the miscarriage. I went for bloodwork and the baseline ultrasound on Thursday. Everything looked great. So, I started my evening cocktail of Folli.stim
We are going to follow the exact same protocol as we did last cycle when we got pregnant. Stims for 17 days, trigger on day 18, IUI 36 hours later on Day 20. Let's hope that maybe, just maybe, we could be so lucky on our first try back? We have been at this since Feb of 2006 - that's 3 and 1/2 years. I think it is finally our time!
Ok, here is where I need advice from those of you in this TTC game - I asked the doctor about starting prog.esterone right at the time of IUI (last time we waited until after beta #2). She said that she would do it if we wanted to, however, from her experience and research, all it does is prolong the inevitable if something is going to go wrong. She said it will NOT prevent miscarriage, or make a pregnancy happen. If something is going to go wrong, it will - progesterone or not. She said that for IVF they do because it is actually a much more "artificial" process.
What are your thoughts??? Please weigh in - I have read a lot that supports both schools of thought. My gut says just trust the doctor, but I'm not sure what to do - and if it is true that all it will do is "prolong the inevitable" - then I certainly don't want that!
Keep everything crossed for us, please, and let me know what you think about the prog.esterone.


tireegal68 said...

I am excited for you gals! I would say if the progesterone does not hurt the baby then why not? Why not do everything you can? I mean why do they give you progesterone at all if it does not do anything? I will be taking it after Ivf bit that is because I won't be stimming as we are using an egg donor. Good luck!

cindyhoo2 said...

Congrats on starting back up again. I say, do anything that reduces a worry for you. To me the progesterone falls into the can't hurt /might help catagory. I would do it.

Anonymous said...

Everything crossed for you! I think you should do whatever will give you the most peace of mind.

Lisa said...

Thanks for sending people my way. Bfp happens in threes so here's my hope that it is Amy/Melissa, Me, you and Rayby babies. i know that is four but hopefully their will be enough babydust to go around. Good luck this cycle. If progesterone won't hurt the baby or you, I'd say take it for peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

i think it is your time too! i'll be sending all manner of good luck vibes your way.

as for the progesterone, id go for it. im surprised your doc said it wont prevent a miscarriage, i thought that low progesterone could cause miscarriage in some women...?? anyhow, im with the others in the better safe than sorry camp. no use wondering "what if" later on, ya know?

Michele said...

Our RE does give progesterone to help support pregnancy. We didnt have it with our first twin pregnancy but the pregnancy after theirs, which ended in m/c, never produced great prog results, so she gave me a supplement (Prometrium 2x day, 100mg each) for all subsequent pregnancies. We began on 3dpo and continued until 16w (when I switched to P17 shots b/c I have a history of very preterm labor).

Good luck!

Kate said...

since you are stimming, then yes, I vote for progesterone right from the time of IUI! GOOD LUCK!


Anonymous said...

I am with the others, do what you are comfortable with right now. My doc told me the same thing - that there isn't really any research supporting it, but b/c it can't hurt it is up to me. Good luck for this cycle!