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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Camera Advice

We take a lot of pictures - and I mean A LOT, and we would like to get a new camera. We want to get a digital SLR camera and figured some of you might have some advice or experience with them. We are rather amateur photographers, so we don't need tons of bells and whistles, but definitely want a good quality camera. So, do any of you have any suggestions - feel free to comment away!

In other news, Aunt Flo must have read our letter to her as she has slowly begun to make her way here today! Cycle Day 2 bloodwork and scan scheduled for Wednesday - here we go again! This will be Try #12 and will be quite bittersweet as the IUI will be right at the time that our Chicklet was due. Tomorrow would have been 37 weeks - full term.....


Anonymous said...

My preference is either Nikon or Canon. I've used both and never had problems with either.

Looking at beginner models:
Nikon would be a D40 or D60 kit with a 18-55 lens.

Canon would be one of the Rebels also with the same kit.

Or you could just buy the bodies and splurge on a single lens of 18-200. That lens would carry you through all types of shots. Just make sure the lens is quick enough. Quickness is related to price.

The important thing is to go into a camera store with the list of camera's/lens you want to try out. Put it in your hands. Make sure it feels right in your hands. Don't get discouraged with the buttons or screens. You'll learn all that right now it's how does it feel in your hands and up against your face.

I could go on and on...feel free to send an email if you like.

This is exciting! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

{{{}}} Thinking of you both. Here's to lucky #12!

P said...

we have a fuji finepix and we love it. My partner is more the photographer in the family. It really takes great pics though.

Margo said...

I have stuck with Canon through the years because you use any
Canon lens on any Canon camera.

Currently we have a digital Rebel XTi. I have ZERO complaints about it. Great starter camera for the non-professional who wants good pics.

good luck.

Rebecca said...

@Jude The Nikon D60 is a great little thing with an 18-55 lens.

Carrie, do you have an e-mail address I can contact you on?