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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Lab Issues ..... again...

So, I went for bloodwork again this morning and the problems started there! I arrived and signed in at 7:28 and there were 6 people in front of me. Usually this is no big deal as there are 3 ladies working in the lab. Oh not today - only ONE person was working. I finally left at 8:13 - and I'm supposed to be at work 15 minutes away at 8:15. I knew then that it was going to be bad!!!!

At 3:30 I called my doc's office to check on the results and they said, "Funny you should call because we were just talking about you and the fact that we haven't seen your labs yet." ARRGGHHH!! She tells me she'll call the lab and call me right back. The call right back goes something like this: "Well, they have you in their system and they are still working on it - they assured me that they would have the results by the end of the day, but who knows what the end of the day means to them..." So, we laugh a bit and joke about how much of a pain this lab is and I'm told to call back before 4:30 when they close to check in again.

Fast Forward to 4:22 - it's the nurse from the doctor's office - "Well, they sent us a page with your name on it and nothing else - a lot of good that is going to do us!" So, you guessed it - no results.

Luckily I am in the beginning of my cycle and they told me to just do my regular dose of F0ll.istim and we'll talk in the morning when my lab results hopefully make it there. I guess there is one good part about this being TRY #12 - it's the fact that we can pretty much follow past protocol and we know my body works the same every cycle....Maybe all of these hurdles are so we can look back and have a good story to tell about the try we finally got pregnant!

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