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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Card and Letter

Well, I had planned on posting this much earlier, but with the power outage, it made things a bit difficult. The picture above is of the Christmas Card we made for 2008. Inside, we included a fun poem to tell peopel what we were up to this year! It is a spoof on Dr. Seuss's Oh, The Places You'll Go! Enjoy!

Oh, the Places We’ve Been!

This year was our year.
We were off to Great Places!
Went both far and near!

With suitcases in hand, gas in our car,
and also plane tickets to travel afar.
From cruising the ocean, to roasting a S’more,
birthdays at Disney, visiting family, and more!

In February, cold weather was left behind;
a cruising adventure we were sure to find.
Swimming with Flipper was oh so neat;
spent a day in Key West on Duval Street.

Went shopping in Nassau,
folded napkins on ship;
went parasailing high over the ocean,
WOW! Our stomachs sure did flip!

In June we went camping,
and set up the tent.
At Nickerson State park,
a fine space we did rent.

From a visit to Cape Cod Chips,
and a drive along the shore;
Shopping in Provincetown,
all this and much more!

Once camping was done,
to Disney we went;
We joined Miss Olivia
for her birthday event!

Character meals were aplenty,
the ride lines never empty.
Typhoon Lagoon couldn’t be beat
in the sun’s scorching heat!

We boarded a plane
with souvenirs in hand;
off to visit the Snyders,
in Minnesota we’d soon land!

Next a Colorado trip,
in the car we would go;
to see Jim and Annette
with mom and Joyce in tow.

The Women’s Prison was open
for a museum style tour;
white water rafting through the Gorge
held quite the allure.

2008 was a year that just couldn’t be beat!
Happy Holidays to all,
may your 2009 be sweet!


Lisa said...

OMG, you made those? You are amazing. So talented!

Anonymous said...

wow! i am VERY impressed!!

KLo said...

Beautiful : ) (And of course I'm very impressed with the poem!)