Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Story of the Chairs...

OK, so here is the story behind the chairs in our header picture. That is a picture I took along with a bunch of others when we were visiting one of our favorite places - The Highlands. This is a wonderful gem of a place in northern New Hampshire. It is a women's (read: lesbian) resort and just a wonderful getaway. We went there for the weekend of our Civil Union and have been back a couple of other times as well. The Highlands sits on a beautiful piece of property with trails for walking and snowshoeing. There is a main building with two other buildings. An awesome breakfast is served every morning too! Grace, the inkeeper goes out of her way to make your stay exceptional.

So, if you are ever visiting this neck of the woods and want to stay at a wonderful place, check it out - Grace would be happy to have you!

Here are a couple of other pictures - one of the inn and one of us on the hillside right before our Civil Union.


KLo said...

What a beautiful story : )

Lisa said...

It looks beautiful and relaxing. I thought you got the pic on web. I would have never guessed you took it. When are you ttc again?

S. said...

i thought it was a professional pic too!! what a beautiful spot!