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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great Start to the Weekend

Yesterday we came home to a package waiting for us from a friend of MJ's who lives in Canada. She has been working on some of the planning with host cities, airports, etc, and sent us an Olym.pic Flag so that MJ could hang it in her classroom. It is very cool to have a real flag from the upcoming Oly.mpics!

Today, our friends Laura, Sue and Olivia came to visit so that we could celebrate Christ.mas together a few weeks late! We enjoyed a wonderful fondue dinner and chocolate cream pie for dessert!

Olivia helped clean up from making the pie!

We spent the afternoon hanging out and opening presents. Sue, Olivia and I had lots of fun playing Mar.i0 W.ii - I hadn't played with multiple players before and it was very fun. It is always nice to just enjoy the company of friends.

Olivia thoroughly enjoyed eating a large icicle.

We ended the evening with some fun playing Dis.ney Dan.ce Dan.ce Rev0lution. was SO much fun! We laughed so hard! Olivia did a great job getting the hang of it as well.

Now the kid is in bed and we are watching on DVD - we haven't seen it yet and want to catch up on it before it comes back in April.
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anofferingoflove said...

What a cool flag!

I'm going to be craving chocolate cream pie now...

Lisa said...

Eating icicles looks like fun. Can you email me? I have a huge scrapbooking favor to ask of you. my email is: