Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Is the Day Over Yet?

Today has been crazy busy!  We both worked of course - MJ went to the B0ston Mus.eum of Sci.ence with the fourth grade and I spent a normal day at school.  After work, I rushed home because the cats had to go to the vet.  I caught Gus and wrangled him into the carrier - it only took 2 tries.  Then he began to howl, and howl, and howl.  Max went missing and I'm sure due to the howling his brother was doing, he wasn't anywhere to be found.  So, I went to the vet minus a cat.  Never fear, Max has another appointment next Saturday when we can try again to get him there.

After the vet, I brought Gus home and met MJ for dinner and enjoyed a margarita as well!  Then we went to H0me Dep0t to get shelving for the basement and paint to repaint the downstairs of the house.  Groceries and a Wa.l Ma.rt run were next and we are finally home and in our PJs!! 

Looking forward to the three day weekend!

Thanks to all of you lurkers who commented yesterday  - it was fun to read all of your comments!


Anonymous said...

busy day and hopefully not so busy weekend....or at least doing the stuff you want to do.

have a good one

Girl Fires said...

cats to the vet - one of my most dreaded activities