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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Day

We had an absolutely fantastic day at the B0ston Mus.eum of S.cience today.  The kids had an absolute blast!  We were able to see exhibits, and electricity demonstration, and an I.M.A.X film on coral reefs in the south pacific.  The kids (and adults) were just in awe.  We even did an extended day and didn't get back to school until almost 5PM so that the kids could get the most out of the trip.

I have talked about my "Friday School" before.  These kids live in situations that kids should never have to live in.  This school has over 80% of their students receiving free/reduced lunch.  So, needless to say a trip to B0ston was a huge thing.  Because of our high percentage, we were able to have $2 admission to the museum AND there was a business sponsoring the 0mni film for free.  The kids were absolutely in awe of it all.  Many of these families do not own cars, so they do not get out of the city where they live.   Imagine the faces as the B0ston skyline came into view.  Never mind riding escalators - something many of them had never done (and had to be taught how to do safely).  I should also mention that for many of the parents, this was the first time they had ever been out of their neighborhood as well.  At points I didn't know who was more excited - the kids or their parents.  A great and enriching experience for all.

And as I sit here tonight exhausted from the day, I am again reminded how lucky I am and how lucky I was growing up.  B0ston is only 1 1/2 hours away - no big deal.  My mom would think nothing of throwing my brother and I in the car and taking us to the museums, ice shows, etc.  I am fortunate, really fortunate. 

Life is good, really good!

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