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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun with Olivia

So, as I said in my last post we have Olivia for the weekend. She is always lots of fun. We started our day yesterday with the all important BRAND NEW episode of The Back.yardigans. Missing it would have been a tragedy!

We played some W.ii in the afternoon and then we made some projects. Markers, glue, paper, and scissors are all a five year old needs. We now have a beautful snowflake and a butterfly card hanging on the fridge!

Then came time for cookie making. Olivia got all of the cookie cutters she wanted and lined them up ready to go. She very nicely made selections from all seasons so we ended up with everything from Christmas trees to hearts, to bunnies and much more.

I just love this picture - I was sprinkling flour on the island to roll out the cookies and MJ happend to snap a pic at the same time!

Here she is cutting out the cookies.And of course, she had to make sure the frosting was good to eat!

According to Miss Olivia all we needed was purple, pink, and white for frosting because "Those are Valentine's colors, you know."

We had lots of fun frosting and sprinkling the cookies. I'm not sure if more frosting went in Olivia's mouth or on the cookies. I know that more sprinkles ended up on the floor than on the cookies! We had to vacuum when we were done!

Here is one tray of our final creations!

Today we are off to a Winter Festival in the town where my parents live, so we'll have some good pics and stories from that!


Anonymous said...

i wish i had friends/aunties like ya'll when i was a kid! im jealous of olivia!

Lisa said...

I want to hang out at your house! You always have so much fun. You definitely must be the best aunts on the earth to Olivia. I'm sure some of this leaks in the classroom as well. Your students are lucky to have you both.