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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ok, so the heat is here! Today's high was 92 and tomorrow and Tuesday are to be much of the same! The poor dogs are just dying - panting like crazy. Of course the heat has to come in for the end of the school year - let's make the last 2 weeks as miserable as we can. To top it all off, I am the "coach" of the school's track team and we have the city track meet tomorrow night, when it will be a glorious 90+ degrees. Fun, fun. Now, let me explain this a bit - I am the coach and all that means is that I am the sucker who said, "Sure, I would love to go hang out with a bunch of kids who did well at field day and cheer them on while they compete against the other elementary schools in the city!" Actually it is lots of fun and the kids really enjoy it.

We had a great weekend - went to see Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian on Friday night. Then, last night, we went to a NH Fisher Cats baseball game - they are the AA team for Toronto. It was great fun and they had a fireworks show after the game. Plus we went to dinner and to the LLbean outlet on the way over!

So, today we sat down and made our dining reservations for when we go to Disney. We'll be taking in a couple of character breakfasts - Donald's Safari @ Animal Kingdom and Chef Mickey's, the german restaurant at Epcot - Biergarten, and the Hoop Dee Do Musical Revue dinner show. I can't wait!!! Lots and Lots of fun to be had. Disney will now also make custom maps for your vacation of all of the theme parks, so we went through and marked all of our "favorites" in each park and they will send us these maps. Only Disney would think of things like this.

On the TTC front- I started my cycle today, so it is off for bloodwork bright and early tomorrow morning. That means we should be inseminating either very late next week, or the very begninning ot the week after, or possibly the weekend of the 21st. We'll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

only 10 more get ups (school day get- ups, that is)!

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