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Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

An update for my faithful readers

Ok, so when I started this blog, I figured it would be a great way to keep people informed of what was going on in our lives. Now I seem to have this following who demand updates, more pictures, and so on! Who would have thought?!

Anyways, there isn't a whole lot going on around here. The biggest excitement is that this is finally the last week of school! I thought we would never make it, but here it is - only five more get ups. We can do it - the best part is that on Friday the PTA does a wonderful lunch for us and then we have a great retirement party/newly adopted baby shower/end of the year party to go to. That will be LOTS of fun - always is.

We are getting ready to go camping the week after school gets out and Laura, Sue, and Olivia will be joining us for 2 of the nights. It will be lots of fun - if you are interested - we are going here: Nickerson State Park is a wonderful place to camp with lots of ponds, close proximity to the ocean and wonderful bike trails. So, in addition to bringing all of the camping gear, we will be bringing the bikes and the kayaks along as well. I can't wait.

Nothing exciting on the TTC front - upped my dose of follistim to 150 and I go for another ultrasound and bloodwork on Tuesday. We are hoping for insemination on Monday the 23rd. If it is the end of this week, that will make life very crazy with it being the end of school. I am having a bit of an issue with my meds as Caremark only shipped me enough for 2 days. The doctor prescribed enough for 10 - so, I will have to fight with them on Monday. I really hate dealing with them - supposedly we had this problem fixed before it shipped, but apparently not!

Nothing really exiting this weekend - we went shopping yesterday and had a fire last night - Smores, YUM! It is rainy and 58 here today, so just hanging out. That's about it folks!

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