Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack

Mom, Mama, Drew and Jack
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

She's Here!!!

Well, finally, after a 50 day vacation, AF arrived today!  We are back on the TTC bandwagon!  This month enters the beginning of year 4 of our journey.  This will be try #13 - not counting canceled cycles, etc.  We only count tries if we actually do an IUI.  So, fingers crossed, toes crossed, baby dust sprinkled, and all of that.  Looks like IUI should be around Feb 15 or 16.

Tomorrow I get to take  the kids at my Friday school to the B0ston Mus.eum of Sc.ience.  I am excited, and so are they.  It will be a great day!

We are thinking about a fun trip to The Highlan.ds next weekend just for a little getaway.  Is is a great  little les.bian bed and breakfast here in northern NH.  It's also where the picture of the rainbow chairs in our header was taken.  We are going to wait until Wed to officially book because they offer a 20% discount if you book last minute.  We'll take our chances that there will still be rooms available.  If not, we'll pick a different weekend!

Blood work in the morning and meds start  tomorrow night.  Baseline scan is waiting until Mon because I am gone on the trip all day tomorrow. 

Here we go again - could it be possible for 2010 to be our year?

Oh, yeah - I also updated the photo blog - check it out!


Lisa said...

Welcome AF, hope you enjoy your stay as we don't want to see you again for 9 more months.

tireegal68 said...

Yeah, Auntie Flo finally had the decency to show up!
I think I told you I went to the High.lan.ds Inn many years ago with a gal pal ( not a lesbian ) so no romance for us - in the middle of a snowy winter. It was fun none the less. Hope you get a good deal and have a wonderful time!
Hope that this IUI is the ticket:)